Our Song Says It ALL
Sweet Baby Ray Sauce is the only sauce we use. My husband made his own sauce for years because no store bought brands could top his until Sweet Baby Ray's came along. It really is the BOSS!
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And the winner is.......... :) (If Sweet Baby Rays wants to make millions, this is the song to choose!


whoever the singer is.....I'm in love with her....and her voice.....wow!


I'm convinced. RLM


This sounds great. It really should be used in a commercial.


Great work on this...I'll be out this weekend looking for the album and some tasty barbecued meats


Not only inviting to listen to but makes one want to try Sweet Baby Ray


Is that grill a WEBER 2000? Very rare, and almost impossible to find.....great song, BTW


Trust me ... besides being very talented musically, these lovely folks are excellent cooks and really know their sauce!!


Robbie, I'm the husband...the entire song was done in our living room by the wife and I. We are bluegrass people, so this one was a bit different.....nice to be called a "pro"...thanx for the support


thank you :) I am def. an amataeur, (can't tell if that was meant as a joke) and my husband is just amazing at playing music. But i will say, we ARE SWEET BABY RAY's #1 fan. We WILL NOT buy anything else. Even if there was a super duper sale on other sauces. NOPE! This is the only sauce in our cupboards!



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